The Bikeway Needs Your Help

From our friends at the Horizon Foundation:

The Bikeway: Underfunded, At Risk

Add Your Voice of Support for the Next Budget

Thank you for joining us in advocacy last year, and sharing our vision of Howard County as a place where everyone can easily and safely walk or bike where they need to go.

We need a new, higher level of investment in biking to make this vision a reality.

Our advocacy made a difference last year, as the county went from $136,000 in funding for new bike facilities in FY17 to $600,000 in FY18. However, this is still very underfunded. In comparison, this year Montgomery County put more than $23 million of county funds into bicycling routes and Anne Arundel County committed more than $6 million. 

At this rate, it will take over 12 years to fund the Bikeway. The Bike Master Plan will take decades longer than promised.

Join us & renew your call on the county to fully fund the Bikeway

The county executive is working on his proposed budget for FY2019. Now is the prime opportunity to let county leaders know you support $3 million in funding for the Bikeway and want to see an increased investment in building a more bikeable community.

Even if you showed support last year, please take action and add your voice for this budget cycle! More than 1,500 people and 20 community institutions and businesses have endorsed this request. Every person, organization and business that supports the Bikeway makes a difference. Check out our new website on the Bikeway for more information.