Bike Howard implementation

Chris Tsien & Jane Dembner

The Bike Howard Implementation committee works strategically to implement the 30-year Howard County Bicycle Master Plan (Bike Howard), which was approved by the Howard County Council in April 2016.  We do this by:

  • Advocating for improved, connected bicycle infrastructure in Howard County, including the Bikeway, street restriping, the Bikeshare program, and other bicycling programs.
  • Working strategically with the Howard County government, Horizon Foundation, community
  • Participating on the Howard County Government’s Bicycle Advisory Group (BAG)

HoCo Safecycling ambassadors

Kevin Blaney

The SafeCycling Ambassador program utilizes the county’s experienced cyclists to mentor and teach new and less experienced cyclists how to ride safely.  SafeCycling Ambassadors ride on the roads and trails and in numerous group rides throughout the county.  The goal of the SafeCycling Ambassadors Program is to ensure safe cycling in Howard County through the following objectives:

  • Improved awareness and safe interactions between cyclists and motorists on our streets; 

  • Improved awareness and safe interactions between cyclists and pedestrians on our pathways

  • Identifying and reporting unsafe roads, trails, and intersections in the county


Howard County School Bike Program

Ian kennedy & Kevin Cropper

The goal of the BAHC School Bike Program is to increase the number of children who safely bicycle to school on a daily basis. We do this by:

  • Running expanded bike to school day events across the county

  • Developing partnership with the Howard County Public School System, individual schools, and PTAs to support bicycle education programs in schools

  • Developing and distributing bike to school encouragement materials