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Support better biking facilities in Howard County. Meet and testify on March 8

On February 13th County Executive Kittleman announced a formal plan to accelerate the execution of the Bike Howard Master Plan. Details on Bike Howard Express are provided at:
This plan was the result of 4 meetings and numerous e-mails with the County Executive and County Staff that were held by Bike HoCo, Horizon, and Bikeway supporters over the past 4 months. The goal was to increase the County commitment/funding and timetable for bicycle accessibility improvements to a level close to the Bikeway goal of $3 Million for 3 years to build 50+ miles of bicycle facilities. More information on the Bikeway proposal is here:
These meetings and negotiations were enabled by the leverage provided by over 1500 individuals and over 30 businesses and organizations signing up as supporters of the Bikeway.
Thanks for your support – it makes a difference!
Although the County proposal is a great step in the right direction we were unable to reach a mutually acceptable compromise. Bike HoCo and Horizon statement is here:

Key concerns on the County Bike Howard Express plan are:

  • Near-term funding (Fiscal Years 2018 (actual) and 2019 (proposed)) is still at a very low level ($600 and $800 Thousand per year) compared with neighboring jurisdictions (Montgomery and Anne Arundel Counties) -- pro-rated by either population or geographic area.
  • Although the entire Bike Howard Express proposal comes close to the Bikeway vision it is heavily dependent on an abnormally high level of State Grants for feasibility in Fiscal Years 2020 and 2021 and/or additional spending from the County Capital budget -- both highly uncertain.

    That being said we now have a formal near-term plan from the County that we can refer to for bicycle improvement funding for the next 3 years. Bike HoCo, Horizon, and our Bikeway partners will hold the County to this commitment and, in addition, support grant proposals and other assistance requests to the State. We are testifying to the above at the March 8th County Executive FY 2019 Budget Hearing and welcome any of you that want to attend to support better biking facilities in Howard County. Information at:
    You can also submit written testimony to thank the County for their plan to accelerate Bike Howard and how you are part of the organized bicycling community that will be watching funding levels in future budgets. Information on how to submit testimony is at:

    Earlier Event: March 1
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